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Dress for Success

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For men, this is simple. Make sure that your hair is neatly trimmed, especially any facial hair. In regards to clothing, keep it conservative. Wear a dark, solid color suit, with an understated tie. Your shoes should be professional and your socks should be dark as well.

Similar rules apply to women. Keep your hair neat and wear conservative clothing. Try a dark suit with a coordinating blouse. Do not wear a short, tight skirt that makes it difficult to sit down. Heels should not be too high, and you should always wear some type of hosiery (usually skin toned). Women should also be careful not to wear too much makeup. Remember, you’re headed to a job interview, not a night out on the town. Keep your makeup looking natural.

Men and women should both limit their cologne/perfume, limit their jewelry, and ensure their nails are neatly manicured. If it is necessary to bring additional items to the interview such as extra resumes, transcripts, etc., carry them in a professional-looking briefcase.

Follow these simples tips, and your dedication to dress for success will surely impress.


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