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Essential Aspects of a Competitive Resume

Ensure your resume is formatted so that it is consistent and uniform throughout. Spacing should be equal, and bullets can help make the resume seem organized. Always proofread for spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.

Make sure your content is in chronological order and eliminate any obsolete information — keep everything concise and to the point.

Be specific when detailing previous employment experiences. Include a list of duties and responsibilities; this shows employers you are capable of handling multiple tasks in an efficient manner.

Be honest. If employers catch you fabricating any aspect of your resume, whether it is previous work experience, education, or extra curricular activities, it is almost certain you will be instantly eliminated as a possible contender for any position.

If you are in the process of searching for a new career, spend the extra time to update your resume. The stronger resume you have to offer, the stronger chance you have at securing an interview and moving forward in the hiring process.


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