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Dress for Success

When attempting to procure a new job, the first impression you give a prospective employer usually comes from the resume you submit. However, after securing a face to face interview, job seekers must keep in mind they are going to be making their “second first impression,” and it is therefore imperative to dress for success.

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Essential Aspects of a Competitive Resume


competitive resume

The resume is a prospective employer’s first glance at your qualifications, experience, and overall assets you have to offer a company, so it is essential that your resume be flawless before submitting it. In order to stand apart from the mountain of other resumes HR departments receive, follow these simple tips:

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Questions to Ask during a Job Interview


An interview is not just an opportunity for potential employers to get an idea of applicants and how they might fit with the company’s atmosphere; it is also an opportunity for the applicants to ask questions and determine if the company seems like a good fit for them as well. In order to better determine whether or not different businesses offer a work environment that fits your personality, goals, and values, consider some of the following questions to ask your interviewer:

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